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Trial Tuesdays – The one with the cookie dough that you WILL become addicted to too.


Good morning all…
It is Tuesday which means it is time for another week of Trial Tuesdays! This edition of Trial Tuesdays has a cookie dough snack recipe that I’m not afraid to say if you try it you will become addicted too.

For those not familiar, Trial Tuesdays is all about trying new recipes from other bloggers, but also trying out new workouts, new foods, heck anything really!

Trial Tuesdays is all about just trying something new…

Expanding your horizons..

Now onto this weeks post..


#1 Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough from Tina at Carrots N Cake. This is made from almond meal, almond butter, honey, vanilla essence, salt and of course chocolate chips. When I had my first bite it was flavour overload but in a good way. It has become my ‘summer’ mug cake since the weather here has finally gotten a bit warmer. Try it at your own risk.

#2 – Grain Free English Muffin







Grain Free English Muffin from SCD Foodie. This was amazing. It uses a mixture of almond flour, an egg, baking powder and salt, microwaved together for 2 minutes like a mug cake, you then cut it in half and put it in the toaster (or under the grill like I did). I had mine topped with strawberry jam and cheese and it was so good.

That’s it for Trial Tuesdays this week.

Want to join in?

Trial Tuesdays

To join me on my Trial Tuesdays simply create a blog post of a recipe, new workout, new food or really anything new you have tried recently, include one of the Trial Tuesdays button above and add your link to the link up tool below.

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Have you made grain free bread before?

Have you tried anything new lately?


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