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A bunch of food prep

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

On Friday night I went to see a comedy / magic show that was really good. It is called Gentleman of Deceit, if it ever comes to your city it is well worth going to.

For the rest I did some food prep and watched True Detective. It was nice to have a weekend at home to just potter and do whatever.

Here’s what I prepped:


Chopped and washed strawberries


Made a batch of my Simple Granola


Slow roasted some cherry tomatoes


And made these awesome chia seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed and pine nut crackers from Oh She Glows

These are so good! They take 3 minutes to make the mixture and then less than an hour to bake. Make then when you get the chance.

I meant to do even more food prep but I got very distracted by a brand new purchase I made that I will tell you about later in the week! ;)

Tomorrows my birthday so I won’t be posting but I should be back Wednesday.

How was your weekend?

Do you usually do much food prep?


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Friday Favourites


Happy Friday to you all!! It has been raining and kind of miserable here in Melbourne all week but the fact that its almost the weekend is making me happy.

Tonight I’m seeing a good friend and we are going to the comedy festival and to dinner. The rest of the weekend I want to get back into the kitchen and get organised with some serious food prep as I’ve been seriously slacking with my injured arm and work travel but now both are behind me it’s time to get back to it.

Next Tuesday is my birthday and I’m not as excited about it this year probably because I’m turning 31 and its not really a ‘big’ birthday. I’ll probably get excited on the day though. Maybe.

Anyway here are this week’s favourites.

Friday Favourites


My favourite photo of the week. I just think it is so pretty. It makes me want to go for a hike as well as go and take some more photos with the expensive camera I got on my last birthday that I’ve still not learnt to use off automatic. Opps.

Gorgeous shoes

My favourite shoes of the week. I just think they are so pretty and elegant. My toes are WAY too ugly to go open toe but I can admire these anyway.


My favourite funny of the week. So simple, so funny. hehe


My favourite food porn of the week is this Carrot Cake Poke Cake. Maybe it’s an American thing but I have no idea what poke cake is but carrot cake is by far my favourite kind of cake but this seems to be another level of deliciousness!


My favourite bedding of the week is this from Kate Spade. I love yellow and this is just so bright. I could never get away with buying it both because of the price and I think Nick may protest with just how bright it is but a girl can still build her perfect imaginary house.


My favourite healthier recipe idea this week is this Goat’s Cheese Summer Squash Sushi. It looks so fresh and delicious.

That’s a wrap for this week’s favourites.

Do you get excited about your birthday?

What birthday cake would you pick for yourself? Mine’s obviously carrot cake all the way!

What are your plans this weekend?


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5:2 Your questions answered


Hi all! I hope you are having a good week.

I must say it is really nice to not have to travel for work this week.

Almost a month ago I started the 5:2 diet and I told you about what fast days are like. On that post a few of you had questions on the diet and I had not yet replied but since others may find the answers interesting I thought I’d reply in a blog post instead. (For those not familiar the 5:2 is where for 2 non consecutive days a week for females you eat 500 calories for the day and for males it is 600 on the other days you can eat whatever you like.)

Is the point for weight loss along or some other reason? (asked by Melissa)

For me weight loss is definitely a current motivator, I don’t weigh myself but my clothes in the last 6 months have felt tighter and my aim is to have them feel comfortable again. I don’t have that much to lose but I’d like to feel good in my clothes again.

There are other benefits too though of reduced blood pressure and cholesterol but these for me aren’t my motivation as those for me are both good.


Are you not allowed certain foods? (asked by Shashi)

All foods are allowed on the plan it just depends how you want to split up 500 calories on fast days. I’ve found having more vegetables and protein for meals e.g. salads to be the best calorie friendly option. I have also had random meals though like one time I had popcorn and a muesli bar for dinner because I wanted something crunchy and then a ‘dessert’ afterwards. On non fast days no foods are off limits, I’m still testing the boundaries of what I can eat on these days I still want to be healthy but lately with work travel I’ve not been the greatest on these days.

How long do you plan to keep it up for? (asked by Tina)

I plan to keep it up for as long as it fits into my life and if I get the results I am looking for from it.

Exercise-Bacon-PillowDo you just avoid exercising that day? (asked by Kim)

I have done exercise before on fast days and not found it to be an issue in terms of making me more hungry but as yet I’ve not done a really hard session on a fast day and I don’t know if I ever will. I have heard that exercising on a fast day is meant to be more beneficial in terms of burning more fat but don’t know how substantiated that claim actually is.

Bonus questions I’d thought you’d want to know:

So what are my results so far?

As I’ve not been weighing myself and I haven’t been measuring myself I don’t have a definitive thing to tell you in terms of results apart from my jeans do feel a little looser than what they did before. I think it will be a slow process so I’m just going to see how it goes, I do plan on taking measurements soon to at least have something more concrete to compare it to in say a month’s time.

Are the fasting days getting easier?

Surprisingly yes, some days are easier than others. Being busy definitely helps but I have found some days I will be hungrier than others on fast days for sure.

I know this style of eating is not for everyone and not everyone agrees with fasting but I will keep seeing how it goes and see if longer term it works for me.

What’s going on with you and food?


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20 Things that are easier to do without an arm cast on

Hi all and Happy Tuesday!

Since getting my arm cast off last Friday I’ve been very much enjoying doing all the things that were either much harder or impossible when I had it on.

Here’s my list so far of what is easier to do without an arm cast..

Let’s get the usual suspects out of the way first:

1. Cooking

2. Cleaning – OMG I am so excited that I was finally able to clean. Our apartment was an absolute pig sty so I was very happy to do a mega cleaning session and finally give relief to the Type A inside of me.

3. Driving – I possibly could have driven but it would have been both dangerous and not the easiest thing to do.

4. Sleeping




5. Washing your hair

6. Shaving your legs

7. Putting your hair in a ponytail

8. Putting on ALL makeup

9. Painting your nails


10. Putting on bras

11. Putting on any clothing with zips e.g. pants, dresses, skirts

12. Putting on any clothing you have to put on over your head (so all tops and dresses without zips)

13. Buying new clothes – because of 10 & 11 it is pretty hard to shop and try things on, I once had to call my friend into the change room to get me out of a dress once I’d got it on as I couldn’t take it off with my cast on


Food / Eating

14. Opening up jars and bottles

15. Chopping up meals when out to eat




16. Typing on a computer

17. Pinning things on Pinterest – although judging by my Pinterest feed you wouldn’t know it!

18. Playing iPhone games like Papa Pear (hello old addiction)



19. Running – I could have done this apparently but I chose not to. Looking forward to getting out for my first painful run soon.

20. Lifting weights – I did so some leg machine weights but that was about it. I’ve got to be careful with starting free weights again but I’m also looking forward to getting back to this.

Is there any I missed?

If you ever been injured, what was your injury and what did you find harder to do when you had it?


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Currently in April

Happy happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. Nick and I went to Country Victoria to attend a friends wedding and it was a lot of fun. It was also very emotional seeing such close friends so in love get married, the groom could not stop crying when his bride walked down the aisle and it was an amazing sight to see.

I’m hopefully home all week and not having to do any work travel this week to me = bliss.

I’m trying to get more frequent with my currently posts, my last one was in February so I thought 2 months apart instead of my usual 6 months apart is getting better.

Current book


I’m now halfway through book 2 of the Divergent series and I am loving it. I want to see the movie when it comes out here in Australia – I am behind it may even be out here already!

Current TV Shows


I’ve been watching A LOT of The Following, I am now almost 100% up to date with series 2, it is way too easy to get addicted. I’ve also been watching The Good Wife – for those who watch OMG I can’t believe what happened!!?!?!? With Nick I’ve been watching The Crazy Ones, it is a comedy with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar (side note: anything with Buffy in it I’ve got to watch).

Current Music


I am still basically using Pandora all the time for my music needs, my station is a mix of Lorde / Daft Punk / Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Britney Spears and then it picks similar songs / artists. Since I’ve not been running I haven’t updated my gym playlist for a whilst but I really need to.

Current Need


To book a holiday! NOW!!!!

Same need as last time and even same photo as I love it!

Current food

image_5My current food has been more liquid – Red Wine. Lately it has been my extra stress release, not every night but a glass every few nights has been just bliss.

Current wish list

michaelkorsselmaI still need a new handbag and I’ve talked Nick into helping me pay for a Michael Kors one for my birthday in less than 2 weeks time. I’m thinking of getting the above ‘Selma’ bag but in Red.

Current annoyance



All the work travel I have been doing and may still need to do. I just find it has left me so time poor that I feel like my to-do list is growing longer and longer the more travel I have to do.

Current excitement


In a couple of weeks Nick and I are going to a Lorde Concert right here in Melbourne and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it!

How about you….
Current: book?
Current: TV shows?
Current: music?
Current: need?
Current: food?
Current: wish list?
Current: annoyance?
Current: excitement?


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Friday Favourites


Happiest of Friday’s to you!!

To say I am happy it is Friday is the biggest understatement ever. First up I am very very excited to announce that I am officially cast free!! Woohoo!!! It still hurts a bit and I’ve got to work on my range of motion but I don’t care I’m happy to finally have it off :D

This weekend Nick and I are driving to country Victoria for a friend’s wedding. We leave tonight after work and I am really looking forward to the time away. I’ve got not one but 2 dress options to wear and I’m still not sure which I’m going to go with so I’m taking both. One is much easier to dance in but the other one is really different.

Anyway here are my Friday Favourites this week…

Friday Favourites


My favourite random home furniture idea are these Giant Pancake Pillows. They are discontinued and $600 but I’d probably buy them if I could ;)


My favourite food porn of the week is this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie. WOWSERS!!!


My favourite quick hairstyle idea this 2 minute Low Braided Bun. I feel like it would still take me 15 minutes to do but worth a try.

d3ac21aed3891ecc3791028f23847421My favourite dress of the week is this pretty Chevron Dress. They are sold out unfortunately.

ffa8048f819f4520704e27a940365b94My favourite funny invention of the week is this Arm Sleepers Pillow. I would possible buy it, I usually sleep on my stomach but tuck an arm under my pillow.


My favourite eCard funny of the week. I seriously do this all the time either that or use outlook.

What are you most looking forward to doing this weekend?

How has your week been?

Do you have a hard time deciding what to wear to certain events? In full disclosure both dresses I bought are brand new, but I am sure I will wear them both at some point.


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My fitness to-do list


Hi there. I’m not sure if you are like me but this week has felt like an extra long week and Friday can’t come soon enough.

Or at least tomorrow can’t come soon enough when I hopefully get my arm cast off.

Since I’ve been injured I’ve been thinking about all the fitness things I want to do once my wrist is strong enough to do so.

Some of the things I’d already had on my list before I got injured but not being able to has made me want to do them even more.

So here is my not yet definitive list of things I want to try…

1. Yoga

I’ve already done Yoga before but I really want to have a go at doing it more consistently, like once a week or more. Seeing Kim at Busy Body doing her yoga challenges has made me want to do give it a good go, especially knowing that she taught herself at home.


2. Barre Classes

When I was younger I did both Ballet and Jazz Ballet but let me tell you right now I was not a graceful flower at all. However I do remember some of the strengthening exercises we used to do and I enjoyed the challenge of it. Ever since Alex at Kenzie Life wrote about Barre Classes it has made me want to try them, although it is different to what I would have used to do when I was younger I still think it would be fun in an oh so painful kind of way.

3. P90X / Insanity

Once again inspired by another blogger Karey at Nutty About Health wrote about doing P90X this week. For those not familiar P90x is an at home cross training program. Also ever since I saw the infomercials for Insanity which is also an at home program it has made me intrigued to want to try it.


4. Another half marathon.

I did my first one last year and had a foot injury 4 weeks before that made me not perform as well as what I think I can. I am contemplating doing the same one again this year depending on how my running training is going closer to the time.

5. Crossfit

This one I feel only comes from seeing A LOT of different people doing it and having that feeling of, well if they are doing it, then it must be good :) I do want to try this at some point but some of the injury stories I’ve heard of and the cost has not completely won me over just yet.

What’s on your fitness to do list?

Have you been inspired by bloggers or others to want to try out a new fitness thing?


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My favourite bloggers recipes this month

Hi all and happy Tuesday!

Last month I told you about a group Pinterest board called Bloggers Recipe Share

I created the board for bloggers to pin either their own recipes or recipes they like from other blogs to it so that we all end up with a nice collection of recipes.

Every month I am highlighting some of my favourites from the board.

Got it?

Good, let’s go…

pancakes-4599-630x946Oat Pancakes with Mixed Berries from Anna at Fresh the Blog

I love the photography just as much as the recipe on this one.

img_0787Sweet Potato Hummus from Cassandra at Almost Getting it Together.

I love this new twist on Hummus.

Apricot-Quinoa-Oatmeal-Bake-1024x680Apricot Quinoa Oatmeal Bake from Marisa at Uproot Oregon.

I am seriously drooling at this one.

Chocolate-Coconut-Bites-vegan-gluten-free-nut-free-Simple Chocolate Coconut Bites from Erin at The Almond Eater.

These look like the perfect sweet treat when you want something small.

???????????????????????????????Chocolate Freekah Muffins from Shashi at Runnin Sri Lankin

I love the creative use of the grain Freekah in these.

rasp-almond-barsNo Bake Raspberry Almond Bars from Megan at The Skinny Life.

These look packed full of goodness.

Warm-Me-Up-Chicken-Quinoa-Crockpot-SoupChicken Quinoa Soup from Megan at The Lyons Share.

Love the use of avocado as a garnish.

IMG_31321-1024x764Paleo Almond Cereal from Andrea at Pencils and Pancakes.

Love the simplicity of this recipe. I just want to dive right in.

001name-800x522Banana Almond Brown Rice Breakfast Porridge from Kim at Hungry Healthy Girl.

Love the food styling on this photo, yum!

Vegan-Lentil-Shepherds-Pie-_thumbVegan Lentil Shepherd’s Pie from Sarah at Making Thyme for Health.

I always love her recipes.

sweet-potato-apple-banana-pancakesSweet Potato Apple Banana Pancakes from Cori at Olive To Run.

These look like a different but delicious combo.

That’s a wrap!

If you want to join the group board all you need to do is Follow me on Pinterest then leave me a comment below asking to be added.

What has been one of your favourite recipes from another blogger you’ve seen this month?

How often do you cook new things? I’m dying to get back into the kitchen and properly cook again when I get my arm cast taken off, I will be cooking lots.


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Exploring the market and more

Happy Monday all! Last night I flew back to Sydney and am here until Wednesday night for work.

Thursday I have the day off to hopefully get my arm cast taken off (cross your fingers).

I did a lot of different things over the weekend so lets catch up…MIMM style:

Thanks to Katie for hosting:

Marvelous is .. getting invited to a small blogging event by Nuffnang a company that helps connect bloggers and advertisers but also helps to create a blogging community. They invited just 10 of us to go and get a tour of the South Melbourne Markets. I had no idea there were so many other Melbourne bloggers out there so it was nice to meet some locals and go to such a fun event.


image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_7

Amazing insides of a Finger Limeimage_6

Purple potatoes


Marvelous is .. going to the comedy festival with Nick and my best friend and her boyfriend to see a UK Comedian Paul Foote. His comedy definitely is not for everyone but I found it to be funny (or maybe that was the wine I had drunk). We went for dinner at a dumplings place at Nick’s request. It was good but I did feel a bit sick afterwards.


Marvelous is .. the Divergent book series I’m currently reading on my Kindle. It is nice to read a book that I can’t put down. I’ve heard mixed things about the movie but definitely want to see it when it comes out.


Marvelous is.. actually getting to spend some dedicated time on blogging this weekend. Nick had a Buck’s party to organise and go to so I didn’t feel guilty about missing out spending time with him to blog so I got to do some catching up. I’m still seriously behind but it was nice to have the time.

Marvelous is .. all the great blog posts and recipes I came across from other blogs this week, here are my highlights:

Antipasto Pasta Salad
April Challenge #SpringFeverYogis
Coconut Tilapia
Dark Chocolate Almond Cookies
How to Make a Memo Board
How to Roast the Perfect Kabocha Squash
Let’s Talk About Poop
Thoughts on Fitbit
Tomato, Basil & Mozarella Quinoa
Using Your Brain to Your Advantage
5 Ways to Start the Weekend Off Right
6 Bonafide Tips for Getting Promoted in Life
How was your weekend? What was the best thing you did?
Do you have many markets near you? I’m lucky to be close to quite a few different markets.


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Friday Favourites


Happy Phriday!! Once again it has been a full on week and I am so happy it’s Friday I can’t tell you. I got home late last night and was so happy about it. ( Fun fact I wrote most of this post on my phone in the cab on the way home)

Tonight Nick and I are going to the Comedy Festival to see a show. I’m going to a special blogging event in the morning so more on that next week but it should be fun.

I’m hoping to catch up with some friends too before I fly back out to Sydney Sunday night.

I owe you all a lot of things still too:
-comment replies (I’m a bad blogger on that front)
- a review on The Armstrong Lie
- the results of the blogging survey

Anyway here are my Friday Favourites this week:

Friday Favourites

My favourite cool / food porn of the week is this Waffle Breakfast Sushi


My favourite inspiring quote / pic of the week. I think it is so true.


My favourite fashion look of the week. I think it is just well put together.


My favourite nostalgia of the week, this old movie pic from Death Becomes Her with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep. It is a classic movie that I haven’t watched in years but used to love.

What are your plans this weekend?

How has your week been?


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